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Have A Ball Doing Laundry!

1- Laundry Ball

$45.00 ea.

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Stain Stick



The Future of Laundry Is Here!

The Smartklean Laundry Ball Cleans Without Chemicals!

100% Hypoallergenic

The Future of Laundry is here! The Smartklean Laundry Ball cleans without chemicals!

Inventors Place smartklean laundry ball


Goodbye Detergents

The Smartklean Laundry Ball replaces detergents and fabric softeners with environmental friendly materials.

It is a much healthier approach to clean clothes.

No More Chemicals!


The non-detergent SmartKlean Laundry Ball is the easiest and healthiest way to clean clothes. With its special "proprietary blend" of minerals impacted in four ceramic beads and along with two magnets, it cleans by performing physically instead of using a harmful chemical process.

This proprietary mineral blend is what makes the Smartklean Laundry Ball far superior than any other like product on the market. Guaranteed!

Using the Smartklean Laundry Ball will result in a clean, residue-free laundry that is completely safe for you, your kids and the environment.

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Have A Ball Doing Laundry!

1- Laundry Ball

$45.00 ea.

FREE Shipping & Handling




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1 - Planet's Best
Multi Purpose Cleaner and Powerful Stain Remover


3 - Planet's Best
Multi Purpose Cleaner and Powerful Stain Remover

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3 -Laundry Balls

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12 - Laundry Balls (case)

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Add 12 Planet's Best Multi Purpose Cleaner and Powerful Stain Remover for

24 for $72.00

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($27.50 per
laundry ball)
Laundry Ball & Stain Sticks


Simply toss the Smartklean Laundry Ball in the washer with your laundry!

No more measuring, spills or accidental ingestion risks for children and pets.

Compatible with all high efficiency (HE) and traditional front and top loaders. Click here for more instructions and ways to add a natural scent to your laundry.

The Smartklean Laundry Ball is guaranteed to give you 365 washes in hard water. Including hard well water.

If you wash 7 loads a laundry per week, the Smartklean Laundry Ball will last 1 year. If you do 4 loads per week, it will last about 1.75 years.

To determine if the Laundry Ball is used up, simply look at your clothes. If they are still coming clean and there are no odors, it is still good. Keep using it.

Another option is to take a marker and write on the Laundry Ball box the expected used date based on your weekly wash loads, and place this box where your detergent is now. When you get to that date, just keep checking the clothes.   View our lifespan chart (PDF)

If you have a water softener, you can expect to get up to 450 washes.


If you have a family member that has sensitive skin, a rash and/or itching, it could be the detergent residue on their clothes causing their symptoms.

The Smartklean Laundry Ball is the healthiest way to clean clothes because it is 100 percent hypoallergenic, leaves no chemical residue on your clothes, or will it irritate skin.

Nor do any chemicals go into to the environment.


______________MORE INFORMATION_______________


Why and How The Smartklean Laundry Ball actually cleans clothes.

Inside the Laundry Ball are four ceramic beads made up of a proprietary blend of minerals from the rich soil of Sweden. Each of these ceramic beads contain a variation and combination of minerals that change the water structure, sanitize, soften and of course, clean clothes.

It is this proprietary mineral blend that produces a powerful, safe and healthy way to clean and sets our Laundry Ball apart from anything on the market. The cleaning ability of the 4 ceramic beads consists of:

1. Changing the pH balance of the water - just like detergents, but without chemicals.
2. Sanitizing. It's anti-microbial system kills germs, odors and bacteria. It will even make used diapers smell clean and fresh.
3. Softening. Changes surface tension of the water and naturally relaxes the fibers of the material. You will no longer need a fabric softener.
4. Removes Chlorine from city water so your whites stay naturally white and your colors keep their color for a longer period of time.

The two magnets assist in changing the surface tension and pull metal (including rust) out of the water.


The Smartklean Laundry Ball is less expensive then other products on the market because when you look at the complete laundry picture, it will save Water, Time, Energy and Money.

Water - When using the Smartklean Laundry Ball there is no need for a rinse cycle. Rinse cycles are designed to remove chemical detergents. With the Laundry Ball, there are NO chemical detergents, there is nothing to rinse out! You can save 10 to 20 gallons per cycle or 2,000 to 8,000 gallons of water over the life the the Laundry Ball.

Shut off the rinse cycle!

Since most of us do not have a washing machine that is capable of shutting off the rinse cycle. To save water, go to your settings and select the "rinse and spin" cycle. The rinse cycle now becomes your wash cycle.

If you have an HE machine use the "quick" or "express" cycle in the settings.

By the way, all the new wash machines have an option to add a second rinse cycle. The reason is because the manufactures know the first rinse does not work sufficiently. So much for saving water...

As a matter of fact, it actually takes about seven rinse cycles to completely remove all the detergent residue from your clothes. Go wash a load of clothes and do not add any detergent. When it on the wash cycle, look in the tub, you will see soap-like bubbles

Click here to see how to clean clothes if you have EXTRA dirty clothes.

Time - When you use the rinse and spin setting, your wash time will be reduced about 20 minutes depending on your machine. If you do seven loads a week, you will save over two hours time from doing laundry. How much is your time worth?

Energy - The Smartklean Laundry Ball and its proprietary mineral blend is designed to wash everything in cold water. No matter what you are washing the minerals will do a superb job and sanitize in cold water.

Also, when you use the rinse and spin setting, it reduces the washing time about 20 minutes, depending on your machine. This means your machine will run about 20 minutes less per load or over two hours less per week, if you do seven loads a week.

Static Cling - Washing with the Smartklean Laundry Ball will reduce about 95 percent of static cling because when you wash without chemical detergents and in cold water, dryer sheets are no longer needed.

Click here if you want to add a nice/natural scent to your clothes.

Less Lint / Extends Wardrobe - After a few washes of your garments, you will notice less lint in the dryer screen. Lint is fiber from the fabric of your clothes caused by friction, heat and chemical detergents. Less lint means there is less damage to clothes thus increasing their lifespan.

Helpful Hint - Leaving a dry hand towel in your dryer at all times, pulls moisture from your wet clothes and reduces drying time. This is an Energy, Time and Money saving suggestion.

Saving money with the Smartklean Laundry Ball is the culmination of washing in cold water, using less water and electricity, eliminating dryer sheets and protecting your clothes. It is a very cost effective way to save Water, Time and Energy.

Money - Saving you money is what makes the Smartklean Laundry Ball so popular. When you look at the big picture of saving, water, time energy, clothes and no longer using fabric softeners or dryer sheets, there is nothing less expensive on the market.

Remember, it is the healthiest and easiest way to clean clothes too.

It all adds up...

Click here to watch a video explaining how the ball works and how it will save you time and money doing laundry. The sound is not the greatest, but the value is priceless.


For those of us that have a septic tank, using the non-detergent Laundry Ball will be a great advantage because the drain water from washing your clothes is less harmful to your tank then what is in chemical detergents. There will be no chemicals going into your septic tank. And about 2,000 gallons of less drain water when washing on the rinse and spin setting.


Most of us use bleach to kill germs and whiten.

The Laundry Ball has an anti-microbial system that kills the odors, mold and bacteria. This is much healthier for you and the environment.

The Laundry Ball removes the Chlorine that cities put in the water. However, if you insist on using bleach, just add a bit to the wash cycle, it will not damage the Laundry Ball.

Read how to whiten laundry without bleach.


Most laundry detergents consumed today are made up of petrochemicals (chemicals derived from petroleum) designed to boast water's cleaning power, making it easier to lift dirt off fabric.

However, studies have linked petrochemicals to a long list of health problems including asthma, autism, allergies, birth defects, eczema, infertility, obesity and even cancer. Nearly all brands even ones stating "green", "natural" and "free and clear" products contain petrochemicals.

Click here to learn the results of a study that the University of Washington conducted on laundry detergents.


Do you ever wonder how laundry detergent is capable of removing dirt from your clothes? The answer is through a chemical process.

Detergents make surfaces more susceptible to water, and increase the pH levels, making it easier for the water to remove the dirt from the fabrics. The downside is that most of the chemical ingredients used to achieve this are toxic to your health and the environment.*

It is water that cleans clothes!

That's right, since the days of walking out to a stream and beating your clothes against a rock, it has been water and agitation that has been the reason your clothes come clean. This is still true today!

Only today you get to choose a better, healthier way to clean your clothes by using the Smartklean Laundry Ball instead of chemical detergents.

Economical people friendly Earth Friendly Authentic


Active wear - Many active wear fabrics require special washing care. Using the Smartklean Laundry Ball is perfect for active wear because it increases water repellency, wicking of perspiration, friction insulation, breathability and stretch of the garment. It will not leave a residue on your garments.

Yoga and Surfing garments are great examples of material that the Laundry Ball is perfect for.

If you are a hunter you cannot have your hunting clothes washed in regular detergent because the chemicals and scents can quickly and easily be detected by the animals.

Cleaning with the Smartklean Laundry Ball is perfect for your hunting clothes because it cleans using minerals and leaves no residue that can be detected by animals.

Easy Economical Ecological


The Smartklean Laundry Ball is a certified green product. When used up, do not toss it in the trash. It is completely recyclable and reusable - nothing goes into a landfill.

When your clothes are not coming clean any more or the odors are not coming out the clothes, then the ball is used up.

Carefully cut the ball in half.

Take what is left of the four ceramic beads and toss in the garden or ground - that is where they came from and that is where they should safely dissolve.

Pull out the two magnets and place them on the refrigerator to hang pictures or notes.

Recycle the plastic green ball, it is BPA and PVC free #7.


Here is some other great information about the Smartklean Laundry Ball. Please look at the reviews and testimonials of many others who discovered for themselves the value and greatness of the Smartklean laundry Ball.



The laundry ball does not contain any added whiteners or enzymes to help with stains. You may need to pre-treat stubborn stains prior to washing in conjunction with the laundry ball.

We recommend using the Buncha Farmers All Natural, Zero Chemical Stain Remover Stick.

It removes really tough stains like berry juice, grass, grease, mud, red wine, ink, ring-around-the-collar, underarm stains and so much more!!! And it will not fade materials.

This stain remover stick can be used on carpets and upholstery too.

Laundry Ball PURCHASE!

Planets' Best

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$4.99 ea.

NON TOXIC Stain Remover
All Purpose Cleaner

At last! An All Natural, Non-Chemical Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Powerful Stain Remover - ALL In One!

An effective cleaner and stain remover free of harmful chemicals!

Carefully handcrafted with all natural ingredients to powerfully fight those stubborn mishaps. Gentle for you and your little ones, yet really packs a punch when it comes to removing dirt and grime.

Makes 12 Multi-Purpose Cleaners!

Inventors Place learn more

Over, 3,000,000 sold!


The Smartklean Laundry Ball has been on the market going on 8 years. We have traveled the country selling it at tradeshows, home and garden shows, street festivals and fairs for almost 4 years. You might have seen us in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia or Missouri.

We know the product and have had the pleasure of selling thousands of Laundry Balls across the country. We always enjoy meeting new people but especially love all the wonderful stories from our repeat customers.

At the tradeshows, we offer a 30-Day money back guarantee to everyone.

Even though you are buying on line here, and we do not get to be face-to-face, we will honor the same 30-day money back guarantee we do at our live events.

Its' important to us that all of our customers feel confident in their purchase because we stand by our products 100 percent.

All we ask is you try the Laundry Ball.

Set aside your detergent and use the Laundry Ball for the next 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you your money back.

If you have any questions, please give me a call. I will gladly assist.

Mark 310-309-1689

And - Have A Ball Doing Laundry!


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1- Laundry Ball

$45.00 ea.

FREE Shipping & Handling




1 - Planet's Best
Multi Purpose Cleaner and Powerful Stain Remover


3 - Planet's Best
Multi Purpose Cleaner and Powerful Stain Remover

FREE Shipping & Handling


3 -Laundry Balls

FREE Shipping & Handling


12 - Laundry Balls (case)

FREE Shipping & Handling

Add 12 Planet's Best Multi Purpose Cleaner and Powerful Stain Remover for

24 for $72.00

No Additional
Shipping or Handling


($27.50 per
laundry ball)
Laundry Ball & Stain Sticks

Shipping Fees for International Orders (orders outside the continental USA) will be assessed on a per order basis.






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