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  Open Innovation


What Would
Reducing Costs and
Improving Processes Do For Your Company?

Ever Thought about Opening
and Increasing New Markets?

Want More Patents & Trademarks?

Need to Rejuvenate Or Improve A Suggestion Program?

Order Now and Save!
see below for list of what is included in package


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Establishing an Open Innovation Program can generate these type of ideas and more!

The term Open Innovation promoted in particular by Henry Chesbrough, adjunct professor and faculty director of the Center for Open Innovation of the Haas School of Business at the University of California. (Wikipedia).

It is referred to as "a paradigm that assumes businesses can and should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, (internal and external paths) to market and advance their business.

Open Innovation is way to better compete in the global market and share risks and rewards by bringing new and more ideas to market. Essentially, it is a way to leverage someone else's creativity to reduce innovation costs.

Open Innovation is a powerful way to quickly expand current markets or even open a new!

Benefits of Open Innovating

     The benefits of establishing a Open Innovation Program will be numerous in both tangible and intangible returns. These benefits include:


1.  Less expensive then hiring      an engineering department.
2.  Increase Business
3.  Reduce Costs.
4.  Solve Problems, Concerns &     Issues.
5.  Reach Goals
6.  Increase Revenue.
7.  Surpass Competition.
8.  Improved Safety.
9.  You Define - It Adapts.
10.10 to 1000 Percent Return.
11. Launch new products       quicker.

Intangible and Intrinsic Benefits

1. Patents.
2. Trademarks.
3. Improved Morale.
4. Increased Productivity.
5. Known as an innovative     company.

If you do not have an such a program in your company, then your company is missing out on the potential of receiving these benefits.

Why Establish An Open Innovation Program?

     Fact:  Ideas are in abundance and looking outside your R&D department (if you have one) is becoming more efficient and cost effective then employing a complete product development (including engineering) department.

     Ideas are the lifeblood of a business and essential to meet, or more importantly, beat the competition. Successful businesses must continually find ways to generate new ideas that reduce costs, improve efficiency increase revenue and of course, provide additional new products or existing product improvements.

Where Do You Get Ideas?

     From everywhere and from anyone, including your own product development department.

Please Do Not Take My Word For It.

Suggestions Programs
are Nothing New

Thousands of companies have realized the value of tapping into ideas from anyone and everyone and from everywhere.

The late Steve Jobs of Apple was well aware of the value of suggesting ideas.

Goggle is an example of a company that epitomizes such a program. They strongly embrace, encourage, and frankly insist, that the world suggest ideas to them. 

Learn more on how Goggle's program is second to none.

Successful Companies with
Open Innovation and Idea Programs
(just to name a few)





British Airways





Boardroom Inc.

Citi Corp.



Just to name a few...


You can establish a program that is as successful as Goggle!

Successful companies realize the value of implementing and maintaining a proper Open Innovating suggestion Program and are reaping the rewards from its success.

Everyone has skills, life experiences and education beyond their day-to-day work tasks and many are using their creativity to generate new product ideas.

Even your employees have ideas. Do want to tap into their ideas or let them take it to your competitor or even become your competitor?

Why not tap into everyone (in and outside your company) to improve and benefit your company - beyond your wildest imagination!.

Inventors Place got an idea

Suggestion Program Stale?

Is your internal version of open innovation stale?

Are the ideas being submitted (if any at all) not worth the paper they are printed on?

Then Get The Tools
To Rejuvenate It!

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Open Innovation Program Costs

What if the potential of this program is guaranteed
a return of 10 to 1,000 times its overall costs?

Let me ask you, what is one idea worth to your business?  

The answer depends on the value of the idea, right? 

What if one idea saved $10,000 a year in costs?   Or a suggestion saved 100 man hours per month?

Now, what if you had ten of these ideas? 100?

Okay, now, what if an idea saved you one million dollars in overhead costs? Or, an idea generated an additional two million in revenue? 

What if an idea opened up a completely new revenue stream (market) for your company?

What if you had a couple of ideas of these value? What would the ideas be worth to your business now?

A partial answer to an ideas' worth would have to be "what would it cost to get those types of results" - right?

What if that answer is a fraction of any savings or revenue generated?  Guaranteed!

If you are a 50 employee size company, and it cost you $100 per person per year to launch and maintain the Open Innovation Program, and you only received one idea, valued at $10,000. Then you you could say the program paid (pays) for itself. Right?

However, the odds of receiving only one suggestion is very slim. With the implementation and maintaining of our proper and efficient suggestion program, you can expect to receive numerous suggestions that can potentially provide you less, equal to and even far greater of a valued suggestion, then the above mentioned values.

Now add the tremendous "intrinsic value" that you have the potential to receive. (see above)

Can you see that establishing and maintaining a proper innovation program can be extremely beneficial to your company? Especially if the potential is of receiving a return 10 to 1,000 times its cost?

A proper Open Innovation and Creativity Program is one of the strongest tools a business can implement that has one of the lowest costs and greatest potential of a return.

See below for a "Prove Me Wrong Dare - Guaranteed!

Food for Thought

So many people have ideas and are looking for an avenue (a company) to take their idea and run with it. Many do not have the skills or desire to go into business for themselves but would be satisfied to earn some type of compensation (royalty) for their idea.

However, no one will just make a suggestion to any company if the company's mind set is not conducive to hearing and receiving ideas. Nor will they if there is no reward for doing so.

If you do not have a proper suggestion program in place, you basically are telling the world that you are not even open to innovation. You would be confirming what the everyone thinks and feels.

It is time to position your company and let everyone know that you are the type of business that is open to outside innovation and ideas.

All The World Is A Product, it is now time to let everyone know you are open to receive ideas.

A Proper Open Innovation Suggestion Program!

Now available is a step-by-step manual or guidebook that provides everything you need to implement and maintain a proper Open Innovation Program. It is a powerful guide to provide your company the ability to tap into the creativity of the world (everyone).

The manual explains how to lay a strong foundation, establish measurements and it provides vital information on how set up processes to efficiently maintain such a program.

The Open Innovation Program guidebook will also provide the tools you need to naturally get employees to be consciously and sub-consciously creative for your business. And they will do it gladly.

This Open Innovation suggestion program will provide you the same potential as so many other successful (big and small) companies are using to meat and beat the competition. It is the guidelines that allow you to incorporate methods and means to implement and maintain (or improve) an Open Innovation Program so that your results will be - Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!


inventors place starburst 50 percent off
Right Now, for a limited time only, we are offering a 50% discount on the Open Innovation Suggestion Program!

What is Included

The Open Innovation Suggestion Program includes:

1. 1-Year Licensing Rights to the       phrase "Got An Idea?® ".       learn more

2. Assistance in launching     (rejuvenating existing) program.      learn more

3. Sourcing Ideas Service
     learn more

4. One Open Innovation Program     Guidebook to:

 a. Focus Goals.
 b. Set Measurements.
 c. The importance of "Triggers".
 d. Processes.
 e. Review Committee      requirements.
 f. Customizable to your needs.
 g. The Value of Rewards.
 h. Management support.
 i. Team Creativity Groups.
 j. Other Departments.
 k. Reporting Process.

Included With Purchase

5. Fifty (50) The "Pocket Journals     for Creative Ideas, Thoughts,      Notes, Drawings and      Inspirations".  learn more

6 . Fifty (50) "Got an Idea?®"      magnets learn more

7. Seven (7) "All The World Is A     Productposterslearn more

8. Seven (7) "Let Your Creativity     Blossom" posters. learn more

9. One (1) Mind Games booklet

inventors place mind games

Mind Games is a great way to play unglue games and provide information that will open your employee's minds to be more creative (for your company).








Regular Price $20,000.00

Should you have any questions, please call. I am here to assist.

Contact tom @ inventors place .com   (no spaces)

call: 760 - 445 - 3550




A. "All The World Is A Product:      Be Creative and Come Up      With Ideas". The book that      teaches (improves) individual      creativity. learn more

B. Additional items of numbers 4, 5,      6, & 7.

C. Customization of items 4, 5, 6, & 7.

D. Other Got An Idea? triggers - ask      for details.


If you are not already convinced

If you are not already convinced that implementing or rejuvenating an Open Innovation Program is beneficial and can be extremely successful, to your company, then I dare you to prove me wrong with the below offer.


Prove Me Wrong - DARE, Guarantee!

I guarantee a partial, but somewhat proper Open Innovation Program works (you will receive ideas) and dare you to prove me wrong.

All I ask is you conduct a very small test in your organization just to your employees.

The test only requires you to purchase a poster (or two) and some Got An Idea magnets (triggers).

Once you receive the material, you must then hang the posters at entrances/exits and and place the magnets around the office or work area where they can be noticed by the employees.

You must also provide a contact name, email and or phone so employees know who or where to contact to make the suggestion (s).

The included Pocket Journal for Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings and Inspirations is for you to write down the ideas that will forth come.

My guarantee is that if you follow the instructions stated above, and you do not receive any suggestions from the use of these test materials, I will refund every penny, plus 10 percent!

FREE SHIPPING - I will even pay for the shipping of the test materials to you and you can keep the test materials.


Dare & Prove
Test Materials A - $19.99

Includes: 1 - Poster, 1 - Pocket Journal and 5 - Magnets

Inventors Place let your creativity blossom poster Inventors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations  
Poster                                   Pocket Journal
Inventors Place got and idea? magnet

Dare & Prove
Test Materials B - $19.99

Includes: 1 - Poster, 1 - Pocket Journal and
4 - Magnets

Inventors Place All the world Poster Inventors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations  Inventors Place got and idea? magnet


Dare & Prove
Test Materials C - $29.99

Includes: 2 - Posters, 1 - Pocket Journal and
8 - Magnets

Inventors Place let your creativity blossom poster   Inventors Place All The World Poster Inventors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations  Inventors Place got and idea? magnet  


Why Suggestions Programs Go Stale

I have been told by many that they usually just put out a suggestion box as a way to get employees to come up with ideas. And then they further informed me that trash is usually the only thing that winds up in these boxes.

And I am not surprised...

There are four essential elements required to make an Open Innovation Program successful that are the backbone of stimulating ideas,including demonstrating management's commitment, and keeping the program fresh in everyone's mind.

The four elements focus, motivate and encourage everyone and anyone to come up with ideas, time and time again.

Just putting out a suggestion box and expect ideas to flourish - will not happen.


Want to Launch The Program Quicker?

Have Inventors' Place Oversee (Coach) the Implementation!

The following would be included:

1. All of the above "What is Included".
2. The coordination and setting up of the program in your place of business.
3. Assist in Ceremonial/Announcement Launch.

Additional Optional

4.Annual Consultants of your whole program including review committee.
5. Creativity lessons.

Please contact Tom to learn more:
tom @ inventorsplace. com (no spaces)
760 - 445 - 3550


Got an Idea?®

Got an Idea?® is a registered trademark of Tom Rauscher of Inventors' Place (3,405,355)
and can only be used and licensed with written consent.   Contact us for more information.

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