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Got An Idea?®

Want to Get It Developed and to Market?

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Would you like the excitement of developing and marketing your invention? How about the ability to cut through all the inventing ridiculousness. How about eliminating the many hands who say only they can help you get your invention idea developed, as they reach into your pocket for money?

Then get the book designed to walk you through the inventing process. Titled "The Idea Logbook". It is a do-it-yourself workbook that makes it easy to complete the many development inventing stages and then get it to the market.

The Idea Logbook is a timeless, well written tool that provides over 20 years of inventing experience and knowledge to assure you of getting your idea moving forward through, the patent process, prototyping, manufacturing, finding funds, marketing and much, much more.

The Idea Logbook provides the tools and guidance needed to assure that the direction of your idea is properly thought through so YOU take it where you want it to, go without spending excess money and it also provides you the ability to chonologically record notes and information that prove your idea belongs to you.

I guarantee, this workbook will teach you far more than the investment in its cost.

Click here to view the table of contents (process) as one sure proof of its ability to get your invention or new product developed.



The Workbook That Gets (Your)
Invention Developed and To Market

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Developing an invention is exciting and fun - if you provide yourself the right knowledge and direction to make it so.

The Idea Logbook will save you time and money because it will quickly teach you the ins and outs of getting an idea developed and "minimalize" many possible mistakes, thus saving you time and money.

One of the greatest inventing challenges is coming up with the funds to develop it. Don't let not having money stop you from moving forward with your invention. Subscribe to our Inventing Tips and Suggestions as it will include methods to help raise money your invention idea.


Developing an invention is a process and or journey. There are many development stages and all ideas evolve. By the time your idea hits the market it could have gone through many changes. You can bet you will have several prototypes needed just to prove your invention's working concept.

There are many questions and answers that need to be asked and made, especially initially, to get started correctly on the right path.

The Idea Logbook asks these questions and guides and encourages you through the development stages providing you information and direction on where to go and what to do to including organizing your thoughts and defining realistic expectations of your invention so it has its best chance of success.

By following The Idea Logbook yourself, you will enjoy the many stages and changes your invention will go through. .

Protecting Your Rights

On March 18, 2013, the United States implemented a component of the America Invents Act (AIA) by adopting a "first-inventor-to-file" patent system. The old system was the "First to Invent".

This new law/system is supposed to bring more certainty and objectivity to the patent process and bring the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in line with other nations and moves us closer to a "harmonized global patent system", according to the law.

I ask that you conduct your own research into this law. And if you feel as I do contact your representatives, and the President, and tell them so. Click here to learn more and to get contact information to your representatives. .


Get The Idea Logbook now and get started on the development of your new invention idea!

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Inventors Place The Pocket Journal for Creative Ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations
Actual Size
3.75 X 5.75 Inches


With every purchase of The Idea Logbook, (while supplies last) you will receive one copy of "The Pocket Journal for Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings and Inspirations.

An economical system to Remember Everything!

Inventors Place





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 Inspire Creativity

Everything created started off as an idea from someone.

Are you looking to be more creative? Do you need to come up with more ideas?

Creativity is the most powerful skill you could learn or improve upon. It allows you to excel socially, at work or in business. Being creative improves your feeling of self-worth and confidence.

I guarantee you already possess the ingredients to be creative. Now unlock the door to your imagination and set your creativity FREE!    

Creativity exists within YOU - Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!


Inventors Place All The World Is A Product

Inspire Creativity

Develop or improve your creativity, with the book titled "All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas!

It will take you through a creative, down-to-earth journey that focuses on being in action improving your creativity. - beyond your wildest imagination.

Inventors Place

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Inventors’ Place has developed a powerful Employee Suggestion / Creativity Program that combines a true and proper way to help companies and their employees become more successful.

If your company does not have such a program, or the current program is stale, please pass on the below link to someone in your company.  We offer a $100 “finder’s fee” when a company signs up for our service.


Shipping fees for International orders (outside the
continental USA), will be assessed on a per order basis.






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The Idea Logbook

The Pocket Journal For Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings & Inspirations

All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas





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