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Welcome to Inventors' Place's store. Here you will find unique products for use and for fun. Our product line constantly evolves and grows so stop by often and see what is new and different from inventors all over the world. Items may be of limited production so if you see something you like, or that makes a perfect gift, buy now so you can be assure to receive the item.

A tracking number will be provided with all orders either through USPS or FedEx.

Shipping Fees for International Orders (orders outside the continental USA) will be assessed on a per order basis.


Invetors Place smartklean laundry ball
Regular Price $45.00

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special offer starburst

1 - Laundry Ball
(FREE Stain Stick and FREE Shipping)


12 - Laundry Balls (case)

Add Stain Sticks (option)

($27.50 per
laundry ball)
Laundry Ball & Stain Sticks



smartklean Laundry Ball

Welcome To The Future Of Laundry

easy economical
non detergent

100% Hypoallergenic


The Smartklean Laundry Ball replace detergents and fabric softeners with environmental friendly materials. It is the healthiest approach to clean clothes. It is the premier laundry ball on the market - guaranteed!

Easy to use: Just drop it into the wash machine. Works with ALL wash machines.

No more measuring, spills or accidental ingestion risks for children and pets. Compatible with all high efficiency (HE) and traditional front and top loaders. Safe for septic systems. Click here for more instructions.

The Smartklean laundry ball is filled with four types of mineral-derived ceramic beads and two magnets, each performing different cleaning functions.
When these components come in contact with water, they form ‘oxygenated’ water with an increased pH level and an ability to eliminate germs and bacteria. The result is fresh, safe and clean laundry!

The SmartKlean Laundry Ball is 100% hypoallergenic and provides the most natural wash without leaving any residues behind. Some people have seen their eczema and psoriasis clear up as a result of using it.

No More Chemicals!


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stain stick
Retail $3.99 ea.

3 for $9.99

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Bunch A Farmers
Stain Remover Stick

All Natural

No Chemicals - Non-Toxic - Pet Safe

100% Biodegradable

The Bunch A Farmers stain Stick is great for getting tough stains out of clothing, upholstery and carpet. (grease, grass, red wine, blood, under-arm stains, tomato sauces, berry juices, ink and much, much more!).

The Stain Remover Stick is carefully handcrafted with all natural ingredients to powerfully fight those stubborn mishaps. Gentle for you and your little ones, yet really packs a punch when it comes to removing dirt and grime.

All Natural, 100% biodegradable and no chemicals!  Will not fade materials.

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Inventors Place silk pink
Silk Pink Shanti #001

Inventors Place Silk Neck Protector Cameo on bust 1
Silk Babar Cameo #002

Inventors Place Silk Neck Protector green silk
Silk Green Deco #003
Closeout Pattern
Special Price!


with The

"Silk" Neck Protector

We as a society thrive on being active and outside. Bike Riding. Skating. Golfing, Walking, Running, Baseball. Basically all type of sports. We like being outside so much that we will grab a chair and relax sitting in the sun.

And those of us who live (or lived) in the mid-west, east or in the states that do not have summer all year round (like the west), when it gets warm and sunny, everyone gets more excited to be able to go out and enjoy the sun and warm weather.

The Silk Neck Protector allows you to wear your favorite hat or cap and keep the sun from burning your neck..

Made from 100% silk, the neck protector is extremely light weight so not to interfere with any activity. You will never know it is there protecting you.


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Pattern Type

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Regular Rope Clamps

ezty rpe clamps

$3.55 to $8.99 each
Sizes: 3/16, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4
Inventors Place Rope clamp colors

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Double OT Rope Clamps

. double ot clamp
$5.55 to $8.99 each

Sizes: 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4
Available Clamp Colors
red black color bar

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E-Z-TY Reusable
Rope Clamps

The EZ-TY Reusable rope clamps allow you to quickly and easily create an attractive custom splice or loop in your rope. Great for dock lines, spring lines, fender lines, tie down cords, pet leashes, horse leads and more!

If you need to join more than one rope together or tie something using ropes, there is nothing better or easier to do it than using the EZ-TY™ rope clamps.

No more splicing or knots in your ropes.

The clamps provide the strength and a nice clean look to rope and are made from space-age, high composite plastic material that is UV protected. The clamps will not mar or scratch a boat's finish.

The reusable rope clamps are so simple to use. Just separate the two halves of the rope clamp, adjust desired loop length and put to halves together and secure with two stainless steel screws and the brass threaded inserts. No More Knots! If you want your ropes to look professional and have a sleek look, feel and function, then the E-Z-TY™ rope products are for you.

See what customers are saying (reviews) about the EZTY clamps.

Regular Rope Clamps


Double OT Clamps


Made in the USA

Inventors Place rope ladder

$72.00 ea.

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3-Step Ladder
(Fully Assembled)
$72.00 ea.

Rope Colors
Add-a-Step$20.00 ea.

3-Step Rope Ladder

(Fully Assembled & Reusable)

The 3-Step Rope Ladders are great for boating, hunting, camping (and more) and can be easily stored away and carried.

Work load is 500 pounds!

The Rope Ladders are made of space-age composite material that will not scratch or mar a boats finish.

Ladders are made with 1/2" rope, arrive fully assembled and can be rolled up to fit in a back pack.

Available Rope Colors: Blue, black, White & Camouflage.

The hardware (Clamps, Stops & Ends) for the ladder is Reusable. If the rope ever breaks, the hardware is quickly and easily removed from the broken rope and placed on new rope. You will never need to purchase another rope ladder again.

Add-A-Step / Custom Made

Rope Ladders are available as a fully assembled 3-Step or they can be custom made by adding an "additional step", or two. Or as many steps as you need.

And, if you only need a 2-Step Ladder, then the "Add-A-Step" is a perfect way to build your own 2-Step Rope Ladder.

Let us know how many steps and we will custom make your ladder.


ezty Rope Ladder

$20.00 (1 ladder bar & 2 rope stops)

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Made in the USA
ezty fire truck

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Fire Dept. Haylard
Rope Clamps

If you are a fire department, check out the clamps and you will see how to improve your ladder haylard.

The EZ-TY "Fire Department Haylard improvement is the use of the EZ-TY Reusable Clamps to simplify the ladder adjustment and make a more professional look of the ropes on your ladders.

The reusable clamps beautifully fasten to make any size rope loop while eliminating the tedious task of splicing or tying knots. Made from space age, high impact, UV protected composite material. There strength far exceeds rope manufacturers recommendations. And they do not scratch or mar surfaces. Works on all ropes including Kernmantle rope.

Already being used in many Fire Departments in California including Anaheim, Long Beach, San Marcos, Danville and Iona.

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Made in the USA

duo cleat tie down  hooks tie down
Tie Downs
duo cleat   Hook
Cleats                             Hooks

          rope belt  bolt down cleat
Rope Belts                       

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Tie Downs
Rope Belts, Cleat & Hooks

The Rope Belt is like having an extra hand.

The Rope Belt has an attached 4' solid braided nylon rope making it a breeze to tie up bundles of all types. Tying down ladders, trunks, lumber, piping etc. It is a great tool to be used to quickly tie down almost anything.

It IS that extra hand you always need.

The Duo Cleats patented design can join both ends of one rope to form a closed loop or join together two ropes of different diameters.

Anytime you need to secure a load, the Duo Cleat will do it faster and easier then tying knots.

The Universal Rope Hooks lets you attach and un-attach a rope in seconds.

The Bolt Down Cleat work like the Rope Belt but gets bolted down wherever you need to work. From a truck bed to a trailer, it's powerful working load of 800 lbs gives you serious holding power.


Thousands of uses: Moving. Home. Business. Recreation. Light Industrial. The more you use these, the more ideas you will come up with for its use.

Each have Heavy Duty capability and can handle up to 500 pounds working load capacity and it are a "Cinch" to use.

Made of space-age, high composite plastic material.


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Planets' Best


Makes 12 bottles of a Multi-Purpose Cleaner without having 12 actual bottles lying around taking up space.

Planets Best
Bottle Not Included

Regular $9.99

Now Only
$4.99 ea.

Plants Best Multi-Purpose (surface) Cleaner & Powerful Stain Remover - All-In-One

Planet's Best is available in a bar form and each bar makes twelve (12) 32 oz bottles of a multi-purpose cleaner.  All you do is just cut off a piece of the bar (the bar has markings showing where to cut the 12 pieces - just like a butter stick), add it to a spray bottle (not provided), add warm to hot water (to let the piece dissolve), shake and then clean.

The brilliance of Planet's Best is that if you need a stronger cleaner, including stain removal or degreaser, just add more slices of the bar.

It is the best carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner because it will clean and deodorize (lemongrass).

Planet's Best is also a powerful fabric stain remover for clothes, and because there are no chemicals, bleaches or peroxides, you can remove stains from material without fading. Tough stains include; grease, grass, red wine, berry juices, blood, ink, chocolate - to name a few.

Made with natural oils proven and known for removing stains and enhanced with borax to soften the water and aid the cleaning process, with the clean scent of natural eucalyptus and the deodorizing power of litsea.

Why So Inexpensive?

Manufacturers of chemical type products are able to make higher profits because of having a "proprietary" chemical blend and from incurring high shipping fees required to ship liquid products.

Planet's Best is produced from natural ingredients and in a bar form. No liquid is being shipped. No water is wasted. We save on shipping and pass these savings on to you - the consumer.

Also, when you sell over one million units... it shows people like your product. When you sell over two million units... it shows people not only like but, trust your product too. When you sell over over three million units... people trust and love your product!


Hand soaps
Lemongrass - Lavender - Oatmeal

Regular $3.99 ea.

SPECIAL $1.99 ea.

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Manuka Honey Body & Hand Soaps Options


Bunch A Farmers
Manuka Honey
Hand & Body Soaps

All Natural

Made with Genuine Manuka Honey from New Zealand (The Healing Honey)
Three types to choose from. Manuka and Lavender, Manuka and Lemongrass and Manuka and Oatmeal.

These all natural soaps are perfect for people with sensitive skin or if you want a more moisturizing feel from your soap, Manuka Honey and Lavender is calming and soothing, the Manuka Honey and Lemongrass deodorizes and refreshes, the Manuka Honey and Oatmeal is non scented with the goodness of oatmeal and honey.

The soaps are made by a Bunch a Farmers and are all handmade in Ontario, Canada using only the finest of ingredients. Manuka Honey and Lavender: Palm Oil,Coconut oil, olive oil, Manuka honey, lavender, lye and water. Manuka Honey and Lemongrass: Palm Oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, lemongrass,coffee grinds, lye and water. Manuka Honey and Oatmeal: Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive oil, Oatmeal, lye and water.


Lip balms
6 Flavors

Regular $3.99 ea.

SPECIAL $.99 ea.

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Honey Lip Balm Flavors

Bunch A Farmers
Manuka Honey
Lip Balms

All Natural

All natural lip balms, long lasting, Gluten and Parabin free.

Moisturize your lips with your favorite flavor and keep them moist all day. They are also made with Manuka Honey, known as the healing honey. Not only will they keep your lips moist, they will heal the in and out side.

Our lip balms are made by a Bunch a Farmers and are all handmade in Ontario, Canada using only the finest of ingredients.

6 flavors icon

Made in the USA

rope end

$2.60 to $6.60 per 4 pack

Available Colors
available colors

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Reusable Rope Ends

The reusable rope ends are perfect for those never ending problem with rope. Stop fraying and keep a clean finished look to all your ropes and lines.

No more Frayed Ends!

The rope ends provide a nice clean look to rope and are made from space-age, high composite plastic material that is UV protected. The ends will not mar or scratch a boat's finish.


Made in the USA


compete boat line kit

$124.99 to $204.99 per kit

3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4 inch sizes

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Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit


The Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit is the best and easiest way to add a sleek look to rope and make your dock, anchor and fenders lines uniform and pristine. It will make using the anchors, fenders and lines so much easier.

It is the finishing touch to having a "cool" looking boat!

Eliminate knots and splicing and get to the fun of boating sooner.

Putting a "final touch" on your boat demonstrates a "detail" characterization. Your passengers will notice.

The clamps are made of space-age, high composite material and will not scratch or mar your boat's finish.

Clean Up Your Boat Rope Lines!

The "Total Boat Rope Clamp Kit" incorporates the E-Z-TY™ "reusable" rope clamps, fender kits, anchor kit, rope ends and a rope belt tool. All make your boat lines sleek, uniform, pristine and function easier.

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Made in the USA


$22.00 to $69.95

3/8", 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" Sizes

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Anchor Kit


The Reusable Anchor Kit is the ideal way to secure your anchor to the rope without knots or splicing. It includes a thimble, shackle and a double and single clamp to provide strength and a sleek look to your anchor line.

The Anchor Kit improves how the rope line is securely tied to the anchor and provide a nice clean look. No more ugly knots or splicing. Never will the rope slip off the anchor!

Each Anchor Kit Includes:

  • 1 Stainless Steel Shackle

  • 1 Stainless Steel Thimble

  • 1 Double OT Clamp

  • 1 Rope Clamp

  • 1 Rope End

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Cordage Size


Made in the USA

Fender Kit
Fender Kit w/Clamp

Fender Kit
Fender Kit w/Stop

$22.00 to $26.75

3/8, 1/2 & 5/8 inch sizes

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Fender Kits


The Complete Boat Line Kit is the best and easiest way to "deck out" ALL of your boat's rope lines and give everything one sleek uniform look. It will be the finishing touch to having a "cool and sleek" looking boat.

Eliminate knots and splicing and get to the fun of boating sooner.

Put the "final touch" on your boat that demonstrates you do look out for details! Your passengers will notice.

The clamps are made of space-age, high composite material and will not scratch or mar your boat's finish.

Clean Up Your Boat's Lines!

The "Complete Boat Line Kit" incorporates the E-Z-TY™ "reusable" rope clamps, fender kits, anchor kit, rope ends and a rope belt tool, that make your boat lines look sleek and function easier for everyone.

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Made in the USA

Inventors Place car seat cover

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Blue Jean / Black / Khakis



Durable Car Seat Cover

The Durable Car Seat Cover was engineered with the goal of designing a cover that was extremely functional, easy to use, high in quality, made of a material that can withstand all weather conditions and of course, provide an appealing look to any vehicle.

The material is a special pre-shrunk proprietary 100% cotton canvas blend that is machine washable. If you have heated and or air conditioned seats, the material is breathable so it allows air (warm or cool) to flow.

This material will protect your seats even from pets.

The Durable Car Seat Cover can be quickly installed (or un-installed) by four straps and placing it on (or off) the head rest. There are no hooks that come loose to possibly tear the upholstery or scratch the interior.

A relentless commitment to quality and functionality went into designing, developing and testing the Durable Car Seat Cover so that it will protect, beautify or spice up the look of your vehicle, including having them manufactured in the USA.

Don't Clean The Seat - Clean The Cover!

Whether you work in construction or drive a luxury vehicle to and from the office, car seats pick up dust, dirt and odors.  If you eat or drink in your car, no doubt something will spill on the seat. These spills eventually cause unpleasant odors if not properly cleaned.  

Actually cleaning a car seat can be tricky. Using chemicals or too much or not enough water can cause more damage if not used properly. Don't get fooled into cleaning the car seat, clean the Durable Car Seat Cover instead.

Leather seats require added protection! Harsh cleaners and direct sunlight causes the material to dry and crack. The Durable Car Seat Cover places a protective barrier between the sun, dirt and the leather seat.

If you live in areas with extreme hot and or cold weather conditions, you know how uncomfortable car seats can get. The Durable Car Seat Cover provides the needed weather protection and comfort in all weather conditions.

Whether you drive a Luxury, Economy, Truck or SUV type vehicle, the Durable Car Seat Cover is your best choice!

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Made in the USA

Universal Tie Down Box

$34.95 per kit

buy now

Universal Tie Down System Kit

The Universal Tie Down System Kit is the best way to tie down something without splicing ropes or having to worry about losing an ounce of tension. Better than straps and bungee cords!

Thousands of uses: Moving. Home. Business. Recreation. Light Industrial.

It has Heavy Duty capability and can handle up to 500 pounds working load capacity and it is a "Cinch" to use.

The Universal Tie Down System comes in handy with any tie down job you have. And nothing could be simpler to use. Made in the USA.

If you use ropes to tie anything down then you will need this system. It is FASTER than knots. Also, it is more secure and safer then any stretch cords.

No Rusting or Scratching. Secure every type of rope or cord, even web strapping.

Each Kit Includes:

2 - Universal Hooks.
2 - Duo Cleats .
1 - Rope Belt with 4 feet of a 5/16 inch diameter rope attached.
50 feet of 5/16 inch High-Quality Solid Braided Nylon Rope.


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Made in the USA

NGM Leather and Plastic
16 oz Bottle

Special Offer $7.99 ea.

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Natures Green Magic
Premium Interior Cleaner & Tire Conditioner

Car, Truck, Boat, RV, Motorcycle

The Tire & Interior Conditioner have created a very easy way to clean and protect your vehicle while helping to protect our environment and save millions of gallons of water!

Nature's Green Magic products are made up of organic material which makes it capable of decomposing back into natural elements. By using our products, your helping reduce pollutants being released to our water streams mean while getting professional car wash results.

Through specially formulated natural materials and advanced biodegradable polymers.

NGM Premium interior cleaner is biodegradable and does not contain bleaches, acids, caustics, ammonia's, phosphates, silicates, or solvents. It is safe for the environment and is safe to use around kids and pets.


door stopper

$14.95 ea.

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Genius Door Stopper

The Genius Security Door Stopper is brilliant way to position and secure any door - anywhere!

It makes a great door stopper so you can adjust the amount the door is open and be assured the door will not budge.

The Security Blocker guards against unwelcome guests or intruders and you can rest assure doors won’t swing open or slam shut in the wind.

Pets can be kept in or out by using the Security Blocker to hold the door precisely where you set it.

Eliminate the risk of fingers being pinched in a door that would otherwise move freely.

An Extra Lock On The Door

Set your Security Blocker door stopper any time you are home. It allows you to open the door just enough so you can easily observe unexpected guests before you let them in.

The Security Blocker door stopper does it all with just a touch of the foot. Easy to set and easy to release.


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All American Ring Toss

Inventors Place American Ring Toss game


Indoors - or - Outdoors!

Great in Pools Too (it floats)

Made in the USA

Inventors Place buy now





Made in the USA

Inventors Place Aerobic twist

$27.95 ea.
Includes Video

Aerobic Twist, Belly Blaster

Full Body Exerciser

Targets Belly Fat!

Twist the pounds and inches off while having fun!

Physician Tested.

10 Toning Exercises!

Made in the USA


Click Here to See You Tube

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$27.95 ea.
video included

Made in the USA

Inventors Place Hand Ball toy

$4.97 ea.


Hand Ball Game


Help Build Hand & Eye Coordination While Having Fun

Great for Coordination!

Inventors Place buy now

$4.97 ea.

The Idea Logbook

$14.95 ea.

Learn More

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Got An Idea?®

Want to Get It

The Idea Logbook was designed and developed as a tool and made into a workbook that will walk you through the many exciting inventing steps so you can get your invention developed and to market. It will save you time by providing guidance on where to go and what to do. It will save you money by keeping you from spending it on unnecessary or wrong inventing tasks.

The beginning of taking an idea and getting it developed is when you decide to do something and take action about bringing your invention to life. It is also be the stage where you scratch your head wondering where do I go? What do I do? How do I protect myself?

Developing an invention is exciting because it takes a thought that generated from within based on your experiences, circumstances and the ability to deduct a need, and turn it into a tangible product for the world to enjoy.

One of the greatest inventing thrills is seeing and having your idea being purchased by others. Let's get started making that happen.

It will save you time and money by keeping you from spending it on unnecessary or wrong inventing tasks.


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Inventors Place All the world Is A Product

$11.95 ea.

Learn More

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All The World Is A Product:
Be Creative and
Come Up With Ideas

Inspire Your Creativity,
Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!

Everything created started off as an idea from someone. That depth of creativity exists within YOU!

Are you looking to be more creative? Do you need to come up with more ideas?

Creativity is the most powerful skill you could learn or improve upon. It allows you to excel socially, at work or in business. Being creative improves your feeling of self-worth and confidence.

I guarantee you already possess the ingredients to be creative. Now unlock the door to your imagination and set your creativity FREE!

All you have to do is adjust your thought process and get in touch with your imagination to unleash a wealth of creative juices that will astound yourself, your family and your friends.

Sound too good to be true?   It's not!

Learn More

Remember Everything!

Invedntors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas notes drawing and inspirations

$2.95 ea.

Learn More

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Pocket journal Options



The Pocket Journal for Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings & Inspiration

Creative thoughts can come to everyone at any given time about anything they are (or were) involved in. 

Do you want to take advantage of these inspirations or ideas?

Creative thoughts can come to everyone at any given time about anything they are (or were) involved in.  By establishing a simple and consistent system for writing and then tracking creative thoughts, these ideas will be yours forever.

The Pocket Journal is that simple system for writing and then tracking creative thoughts, these ideas will be yours forever.

Your Ideas and thoughts will unexpectedly come to you. Why not be ready to remember them?

The Pocket Journal for Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings and Inspirations has a rich European leather grain look and is a light weight go-anywhere pocket size journal complete with 62 blank graph and lined pages divided into four titled sections, for writing down those valuable thoughts or drawings that come to your mind at the most unexpected times.   It can be taken anywhere (from the beach to a black-tie affair). 

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promotional products

Over one hundred thousand items to choose from and 30 years experience.

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Promotional Products

A Great Way To
Promote Your Company

Promotional products are the least expensive way to promote your company that has the greatest return because people love receiving promotional products, Over 90 percent of people have reported to either currently owning or possessing a promotional product within the last 24 months.

Whether you need something for a tradeshow, a corporate promotion or to better market your company and its products or services, we have over one hundred thousand items to choose from - that will fit your budget.

Apparel, pens, mugs, tote bags, sports, outdoor, technology, bags and totes food and candy, auto and tools, awards, office and desktop, drink ware, and even eco-friendly items.

Let us help promote you...

Learn More


Shipping and Taxes are Additional On All Orders Where Applicable Or Unless Indicated Otherwise.

Shipping for International orders (orders outside the continental USA) will be assessed and added on a per order basis.





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