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Have you ever tried to tie down a load on your car or truck and could not get it tight enough because the knot slipped? Or, worse, it took you forever to tie something down, but then couldn't untie those dumb knots?

Whether your experienced or not with tying knots, using these Tie Downs will make tying down a load QUICKER and EASIER!

They are a "Cinch" to use!

The Tie Downs have been scientifically engineered using cleats to secure and tighten rope. Joining two ropes with the duo cleat can be done without knots or splicing?

Click here to see a video of the various cleats in action.

Anytime you need to secure a load, the Cleats will do it faster and easier then tying knots.

If you have ever tied down a load, you know how frustrating it is to be able to get, and keep, the rope tight. The knots and ropes always slip and become loose.

And then the long and tedious task of untying and unwrapping that rope. Does it seam to take as long or longer to get the rope untied?

Not any more when you use the E-Z-TY Cleat Tie Downs!

A Cinch to Use!

Push It Through!    Pull It Tight!    Cinch It Twice!

Universal Tie Down Kit

Check out a 2nd similar Utube video on cleats, hooks and belts.

The connection stays fast and tight and it releases easily in seconds.

Thousands of uses: Moving. Home. Business. Recreation. Light Industrial. The more you use these, the more ideas you will come up with for its use.

EzTy Rope Belt         Rope Belt 2


Now Everyone can easily and quickly fasten and release a rope.

E-Z-TY is the highest in quality rope products. Used with Fire Departments and Military applications. You can be certain it will meet your needs. We guarantee it.

Made of space-age, high composite plastic material. No Scratching or Marring Surfaces either.

And made in the USA.

Made in the USA

Universal Tie Down System Kit

$34.95 per kit

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FREE Shipping & Handling

Universal Tie Down System Kit

The Universal Tie Down System Kit is the best way to tie down something without using knots, splicing ropes or having to worry about losing an ounce of tension.

Better than straps and bungee cords!

Thousands of uses: Moving. Home. Business. Recreation. Light Industrial.

It has Heavy Duty capability easily handling up to 500 pounds working load capacity and it is a "Cinch" to use.


The hardware is completely reusable. If your rope every wears out, just purchase new rope and continue using the kit.

Each Kit Includes:

2 - Universal Hooks.
2 - Duo Cleats.
1 - Rope Belt with 4 feet of a 5/16 inch diameter rope attached.
50 feet of 5/16 inch High-Quality Solid Braided Premium Nylon Rope.

No Scratching or Marring Surfaces!
Made of space-age composite material

Items also sold separately - see below



Made in the USA

Rope Belt

$5.75 & $7.50 ea.
(small or large)

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Rope Belt

The Rope Belt has an attached 4' solid braided nylon rope making it a breeze to tie up bundles of all types. Tying down ladders, trunks, lumber, piping etc. It is a great tool to be used to quickly tie down almost anything.

Imagine having an extra "hand" to hold something while freeing up your other two hands.

The E-Z-TY™ system makes it easy to cinch down and secure a load without losing tension. Each Rope belt comes with a 4 foot rope, a clamp and cleat - fully assembled.

Place one in your trunk for emergencies or for that time when you haul or move something and need the trunk tied down.

Place one in your boat and use for emergencies or to tie down the color during rough rides.

If you are working around the house, wear it - it's a belt. You will likely find it to be a helpful hand.

I guarantee, you will discover hundreds of uses for this Rope Belt.

The innovative design features a self tying technique that locks rope tight without hassling with knots. Made in the USA of durable space age non-corrosive material.

Two Sizes. Small and Large.

The large size workload is 500 pounds and the small is 150 pounds. .


Made in the USA

ezty cleats

$6.50 & $8.50 per 2 Pack
(small or large)

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DUO Cleat

The Duo Cleats patented design can join both ends of one rope to form a closed loop or join together two ropes of different diameters.

An added benefit of the Duo Cleat is the increased tension that you can get. If you've used a truckers hitch to tie down a load, you know the power of leverage for adding tension. The Duo Cleat doubles the power of leverage because it doubles the staying power with no additional effort by you.

Small Duo-Cleat - 2 pack
Only 2 1/2" tall, it handles any cord from 1/16" to 3/16" in diameter. Working load is 150 pounds.

Large Duo-Cleat - 2 pack
Only 4 1/2" tall, it handles any cord from 3/16" to 3/8" in diameter. Working load is 500 pounds.


2 Cleats Per Pack

Made in the USA

Ezty Hooks

$6.50 & $7.50 per 2 pack
(small or large)

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Universal Cleat Hooks

Forget the hassle and frustration of using knots to fasten rope. The Universal Rope Hook lets you attach a loose rope end in seconds. Whether your load is large or small, it holds fast and secure. It's advanced because there are no knots to tie and untie. And even better, it releases easily and quickly.

No more wrestling with knots cinched down so tight that they won't come apart. With E-Z-TY™ Universal Rope Hook, you have a system of tying down anything, anywhere.

Small Universal Hook 
Only 3 1/2" tall, it handles any cord from 1 / 8" to 1 / 4" in diameter. Working load is 150 pounds.

Large Universal Hook
Only 5 1/4" tall, it handles any cord from 1 / 4" to 3 / 8" in diameter. Working load is 500 pounds.


2 Hooks Per Pack


Made in the USA

Bolt down cleat

$15.99 ea.

buy now


Bolt Down Cleat

Ezty Bolted cleat

The Bolt Down Cleat work like the Rope Belt but gets bolted down wherever you need to work. From a truck bed to a trailer, it's powerful working load of 800 lbs gives you serious holding power. Self tying cleat rotates a full 360° and swings 120°, so you can secure a load from any direction.

In addition, it handles 1/4" to 3/8" diameter rope as well as 1" wide nylon strapping. Pivoting cleat is held to base with a pin and latch allowing you to remove if you choose.

How To Use:

1. Select a flat surface
2. Use a center punch at the four screw positions on the cleat to mark hole locations.
3. Install using screws (not supplied - based on your application)

  • Quick Lash

  • Quick Release

  • No Knots

  • Accepts Rope 1/4" to 1/2"








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