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Suggestion Tools

The products listed below are designed to generate ideas. They are powerful tools that will instill creativity and inspiration and perfect for implementing, improving or rejuvenating an Open Innovation Suggestion Program - beyond your wildest imagination.



1-Year Lease to the Phrase

Inventors Place got an idea


Got an Idea?®
is a registered trademark of Inventors' Place and can only be used with written consent and permission.
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"Got An Idea?®" is a powerful phrase that places "action" into being creative and coming up with ideas.

The 1-Year licensing agreement of the phrase "Got an Idea?" allows you to place it on your website, in emails and imprinted on (your) posters, signs and "triggers".

It will consciously and subconsciously inspire any and everyone into coming up with ideas for your business while letting the world know that you are open to innovation (receiving new ideas).

Included with the purchase of the Open Innovation Program, is the one-year leasing rights to the phrase "Got An Idea?"®.







Remember Everything!

Inventors Place Pocket Journal for Creative ideas, thoughts notes drawings and inspirations

Creative thoughts can come to everyone at any given time about anything they are (or were) involved in.  By establishing a simple and consistent system for writing and then tracking creative thoughts, ideas can be yours forever.

The Pocket Journal is a powerful tool that provides the ability of remembering those inspirations any where and at any time from beach to black tie.

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Triggers, with the phrase "Got An Idea?, are powerful, and an inexpensive tool, mandatory for every employee suggestion program as a way to keep the program fresh on the minds of every employee. They are essential to the continued success of every suggestion program because they provide the ability to naturally (consciously and subconsciously) to get the employee's creativity to flourish.

As an employer, it is imperative to provide triggers to your employees at least three times per year to continually maintain a "fresh" program! There are hundreds of thousands of products available that can be used as triggers with the phrase "Got An Idea?".  Contact us to learn more.

     Magnets: 3 1/2" X 2"

Great for placing on metal desks, employees home refrigerators or anywhere (there is metal)! Magnets are a powerful tool to instill creativity. Companies should consider providing two for each employee. One for the their workplace and a second for their home because ideas can be triggered even when the employee is not at work.

lightbuilb magnet

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     Posters: 18" X 24"

Posters are another key component that every employee suggestion program must incorporate! When placed in significant traffic areas and properly and creatively displayed, there value will soar. The necessary hanging instructions are provided to assure the posters and their thoughts are constantly noticed. The cost for posters is nothing compared to the potential return they provide.

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$14.99 ea.

Let Your Creativity Blossom

let your creativity blossom poster


All The World Is A Product

Inventors Place All The World Poster



More Posters and Signs Forthcoming

inventors place limitations poster inventors place forest poster inventors place soar poster

inventors place box poster inventors place why restrict poster




Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas

Inspire Your Creativity,

Beyond Your Wildest Imagination!

Inventors Place All The World Is A Product Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas

As a business, All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas, will provide tips and techniques that instill creativity and keep the thought of coming up with ideas on the forefront of every employee. It is an important tool for every suggestion program to write articles use in newsletters, flyers and posts.

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More creative and inspirational items will be available soon.

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     Got An Idea?®

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Suggestion Tools

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The Idea Logbook

The Pocket Journal For Creative Ideas, Thoughts, Notes, Drawings & Inspirations

All The World Is A Product: Be Creative and Come Up with Ideas



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