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To have an idea for a product is terrific in itself! That means you took your experiences, education and life lessons, looked around and put two-and-two together and came up with a new product idea.


To take that idea and start developing it, can be challenging as there are many stages of product development, as you will quickly find out. Some of these stages could de-rail and discourage you from possibly developing the next million selling item.

The greatest challenge with most inventors, is inventing knowledge and raising the funds needed to properly move your idea forward. through the many development stages.

Also, there are many "vultures" out there who will gladly over promise and under deliver while taking your money.

These seven Inventing Tips and Suggestions was put together from information extracted from the book titled "The Idea Logbook and from years of helping and learning about hundreds of other inventors' trials and tribulations. As an inventor myself, it saddened me to hear so many unnecessary inventing challenges from so many inventors.

These Tips and Suggestions are my way of giving back to an industry that has rewarded me so much. And also, so more ideas get developed that provide me new toys and things to buy...

The seven Inventing Tips and Suggestions is a FREE subscription that will be emailed to you over a 5 week period. This will give you time to review the information, and if your in the process of inventing, time to apply everything to your idea, no matter what stage it is in. It includes vital information about prototypes, patents and trademarks, finding manufacturers (for FREE), obtaining money, writing manuals and more.

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The Workbook That Gets (Your) Invention Developed and To Market!

Would you like the excitement of developing and marketing your invention? Then get the book designed to walk you through the inventing process. Titled "The Idea Logbook". It is a do-it-yourself workbook that makes it easier to complete the many development inventing stages and then get it to the market.

The Idea Logbook takes the Inventing Tips and Suggestions to a whole new level by providing you more information, encouragement and of course, inventing tips. It is a complete guideline to get your invention idea developed and to market.

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