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Got An Idea?®

Want to Get It Developed and to Market?

     Inventors' Place develops, manufactures and markets new invention ideas.    And inspires creativity...

     We are your full service product development source with expertise in engineering, manufacturing and marketing. Whether you are an individual inventor working from your basement or garage or a corporation with 3 to 10,000 employees, we have the skills and experience to take your new invention idea (s) to its next level (s).

     Do you need Engineering Drawings? Patents? Prototypes? Plastic Injection Molds? Metal Machining? Printed Circuit Boards? Manufacturing? Marketing? Packaging? Graphic Art work?

    We have the professional services with fair pricing. All our work is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, and we cannot correct it, then we will gladly provide a refund. We stand behind our work! Let Us Give You A Free, No-Obligation, Confidential Quote....

Would you like the excitement of developing and marketing your invention? How about the ability to cut through all the inventing ridiculousness.

Then get the book designed to walk you through the inventing process. Titled "The Idea Logbook", a do-it-yourself workbook that provides a down-to-earth approach to the many exciting inventing processes.

The Idea Logbook provides the guidance to assure that the direction of your idea is properly thought through so YOU take your idea where you want it to go and do it without spending excess money.

It also provides you the ability to chonologically record notes and information that prove your idea belongs to you.

I guarantee, this workbook will teach you far more than the investment in its cost.

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The workbook that gets (your) Invention developed and to market.

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     Contact us in the area of which you need assistance. Let our team provide a free, confidential, no-obligation, assessment and quote your invention's product development and or manufacturing needs.

                                  Patents / Trademarks Mechanical Engineer & Design - CAD/CAM
inventors place edwin wold
Edwin has been provide patent and trademark services, including, patent search and office actions for over twelve years.
Edwin Wold

patents @inventors place. com  (no spaces)

inventorsplace jeff domenighini Designing and developing new consumer products at all stages from ideation to full production including Cad/Cam in 2D & 3D drawings, fabrication of prototypes in metal and plastics and locating manufacturing locally and internationally.
Jeff Domenighini

               mechanicalengineer @inventors place. com  (no spaces)


                                  Electrical Engineering & Design (PCBs) Plastic Injection Manufacturing & Molding
Masterson, EE
Extensive expertise in Design Specification, Design digital/analog circuitry, Electronic prototype. Engineering & Development, Design Integration, PC Board Layout, Custom Carrier Boards, Board Fab and Assembly and Debug and Support.

electricalengineer @inventors place. com  (no spaces)

alex moedano
Alex has over seventeen years experience in owning and operating a full line plastic and metal injection manufacturing business and able to design and build molds.
  Alex Moedano

plasticinjection @inventors place. com  (no spaces)


                                    Graphic Artist  3-D Printing
inventors place noel vestri
Noel has over 20 years of graphic art experience with catalogs, web pages, photo re-touching, logos, packaging design and everything in print.
Noel Vestri

graphic artist @inventors place. com  (no spaces)

inventors place will charles

William has been developing plastic, rubber,nylon and wood products and prototypes using 3-d printing and CNC machining for almost 10 years.

William Charless

3dprinting @inventors place. com  (no spaces)


                                  Marketing  Packaging
inventors place rick korfin

Rick has extensive experience in marketing, business development and entrepreneurship with knowledge and capability of getting your product into retail establishments big and small in size.

Rick Korfin

                 product development @inventors place. com (no spaces)

Jenny oversees all thermoform plastics as well as the printing for packaging and is capable of providing a full line of packaging needs.

packaging @inventors place. com  (no spaces)


                                   Technical Writing Metal Machining
Inventors place bob allen
Bob has been technical writing for almost 15 years in consumer products encompassing electronics, toys, games, white goods and
cabinet goods (wood working)
Bob Allen

techwriting @inventors place. com  (no spaces)


Kurt has over 20 years experience in engineering, prototyping and manufacturing with metal and aluminum including precision fabrication with government applications, pharmaceutical companies and the private sector.

metal machining @ inventors place .com (no spaces)


                                                Product Development (General)
inventors place tom rauscher
Tom Rauscher

Not sure where to go or what to do? Please contact me here. I will be glad to make sure your new invention idea gets off to a great start.

Tom has been involved with product development for over 20 years encompassing home products, toys, textiles and auto accessories in plastic, metal, electronics, textiles and wood industries.

product development @inventors place. com (no spaces)







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