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A brilliant way to position and secure any door - anywhere!

Protects Fingers
Keeps Pets In - Or Out
Powerful Security

Easy To Use
Works On Any Door


Security blocker

The Genius Door Stopper is the way to add convenience to any door.


It makes a great door stopper so you can adjust the amount the door is open and be assured the door will not budge.

The Genius Door Stopper allows you rest assure doors won’t swing open or slam shut in the wind. A great way to allow the outside in, without having to have your door slam shut by the wind.

Great for French doors, entry way doors even doors on your boat or ship!

Pets can be kept in or out by using the Security Blocker to hold the door precisely where you set it.

Eliminate the risk of fingers being pinched in a door that would otherwise move freely.

An Extra Lock On The Door

Set your Security Blocker door stopper any time you are home. It allows you to open the door just enough so you can easily observe unexpected guests before you let them in.

The Security Blocker door stopper does it all with just a touch of the foot. Easy to set and easy to release.

ADVANTAGES of the Genius Door Stopper

• New strong solution, easy use.
• Releases and closes with just the touch of a foot.
• Keeps door in any open chosen position.
• Can be used to hold a door open when cleaning or airing out the   house.
• Provides you and your family with increased security.

• Avoids children getting their fingers caught in the door and helps   keep pets from running out.
• Windbreaker – stops doors being slammed by the wind.
• Can  be used on external and internal doors – it works on most   solid surfaces and    wall-to-wall carpets.
• Keeps uninvited guests out. SECURITY BLOCKER is a safer and   securer solution than the traditional door chains and withstands   many hard knocks.
• Tested to meet European Standard ENV1629 resistance class -   equivalent to RC2.


Step 1. - Assembly Required.

Attach it (screw) to your door. Fits any door and no matter how large or small of a gap between the door and floor, the Security Blocker will adjust. Great for any door no mater if the floor is tiled, wooden or carpeted, the Security Blocker will prevent any unwanted person from entering.

Step 2.

Open the door to your desired position (openness) and then with your foot, step down on the foot petal. Its unique design will grab the floor and hold the door at that position.

SB press and release


Step 3. Release

To release the Security Blocker, just lift up on the release pedal.

It's that Easy!

Releasing The Security Blocker

Genius Door Stopper

Security blocker

$4.99 ea.
(Regular Price $14.95)

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