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  Durable Car Seat Cover


Inventors Place car seat cover

Inventors Place Car Seat Cover    Inventors Place Car Seat Cover    Inventors Place Car Seat Cover

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Made in the USA


Blue Jean / Black / Khakis Colors

$49.95 ea.


The Durable Car Seat Cover was engineered with the goal of designing a cover that was extremely functional, easy to use, high in quality, made of a material that can withstand all weather conditions and of course, provide an appealing look to any vehicle.

The material is a special pre-shrunk proprietary 100% cotton canvas blend that is machine washable. If you have heated and or air conditioned seats, the material is breathable so it allows air (warm or cool) to flow.

This material will protect your seats even from pets.

The Durable Car Seat Cover can be quickly installed (or un-installed) by four straps and placing it on (or off) the head rest. There are no hooks that come loose to possibly tear the upholstery or scratch the interior.

A relentless commitment to quality and functionality went into designing, developing and testing the Durable Car Seat Cover so that it will protect, beautify or spice up the look of your vehicle, including having them manufactured in the USA.

Customizable & Imprintable

The Durable Car Seat Cover is also fully customizable in that you can choose the color of fabric (or colors), the color of the thread for the stitching and even the color of the straps. Logos can easily be added (sewn or ironed) to the fabric making a car seat cover personal, unique and very special.

Customizing is a great way to produce a car seat cover to match your company, school or university look or be a superb promotional product. Minimum order quantity applies. Contact us for details and pricing.

Fact - car seats are going to get dirty and pick up odors.

Don't Clean The Seat - Clean The Cover!

Whether you work in construction or drive a luxury vehicle to and from the office, car seats pick up dust, dirt and odors.  If you eat or drink in your car, no doubt something will spill on the seat. These spills eventually cause unpleasant odors if not properly cleaned.  

Actually cleaning a car seat can be tricky. Using chemicals or too much or not enough water can cause more damage if not used properly. Don't get fooled into cleaning the car seat, clean the Durable Car Seat Cover instead.

Leather seats require added protection! Harsh cleaners and direct sunlight causes the material to dry and crack. The Durable Car Seat Cover places a protective barrier between the sun, dirt and the leather seat.

If you live in areas with extreme hot and or cold weather conditions, you know how uncomfortable car seats can get. The Durable Car Seat Cover provides the needed weather protection and comfort in all weather conditions.

Are your front seats torn and or in bad shape?

Bring back the beauty of your front seats with the Durable Car Seat Cover.

Want a complimentary or contrast look to your interior?

Many cars have one color interior while others have several. The Durable Car Seat Cover can can provide a complimentary or contrasting color to spice up the look of your interior because they are available in the colors Black or Khakis.

Whether you drive a Luxury, Economy, Truck or SUV type vehicle, the Durable Car Seat Cover is the best choice!








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